Financial Planning

Financial planning is being an active part of your individual and family’s future… planning for life’s stages. Are you changing jobs or leaving your current employer and wondering what to do with your current IRA or 401(k)? Or are you ready to permanently retire? When should you begin to withdraw money from your 401(k) plan, and at what rate per year? How can you minimize taxes?  In a world of overwhelming strategies and investment options, CMC Financial Group, along with our strategic partner Seacoast Financial Network, will collaborate with you to help navigate the course of financial planning to achieve your financial dreams.

On Your Own

Just graduated from college? New job? Moved away from home? You might be wondering if you need life insurance. It is wise to get your policy as early as you can while you are young and healthy! Have you thought about disability insurance? Who will pay your bills if you are unable to work? While it may seem unnecessary to seek financial advice at this point in your life, understanding the importance of it and doing so now can help chart the course for the rest of your financial life.

Getting Married

Now that you are finished planning your wedding, it’s time to plan your financial future! Whole life or variable life insurance offers financial options for buying your first home, planning for your future children’s education, or for future business opportunities.

Having a Baby

Life insurance will protect your family if you are not there. Will you need to replace your income if you die? Will your spouse have to pay for childcare? Will your funeral expenses be covered? For young families term insurance may be the answer with a convertibility option. How about if you become permanently disabled and cannot work? Will they be covered then? There are several disability options available.

Caring for a Child with Special Needs

If you have a special needs child, you will absolutely want financial protection for them for their educational needs, medical care, assistive technology and more, all the while protecting their SSI and government benefits. Life insurance is one of the best tools used to set up a special needs trust to secure the financial future of this child.

Planning for College

Planning for your children’s college expenses is becoming increasingly challenging as costs continue to rise, and the rules continue to change. There are several options available to meet your needs. We can help develop a strategy what works best within your budget and timeframe to achieve your child’s college education planning goals.


A divorce may cause you to re-evaluate your financial life as you adjust to living on a single income. Financial planning during or immediately following a divorce is a necessary step to financial security. Do you have the financial experience necessary to evaluate what your revised needs will be? Will your child (children) be protected if you die? Will your estate be protected if something happens to you? Options like term insurance may be the best value at this time in your life, to cover your needs and ease your worry, until your income increases. CMC Financial Group can help you navigate this life stage process.

Single Parenthood

If you are no longer around, what happens to your children? Is your estate protected? How about their education? What if you become permanently disabled? Life insurance and disability insurance become more important than ever.

Buying a Home

The cash value on a whole life, universal life or variable life policy can be used for the down payment on a home – did you know that? Also, the death benefit on term insurance can help to make mortgage payments for your family, keeping the roof over their heads in the event of your death.

Owning a Business

What happens to your business if you die? Will it continue to run? Is there a plan in place for ownership, employees, etc? Is there a key man policy on you or your key management person? Do you offer a competitive benefits package to attract and retain the best employees? How about if you do not die, but are permanently disabled? Protect your family and your employees with small business protection.


Planning for retirement is a complex process. What is your timeframe? How much money will you need to cover daily expenses? Do you want to maintain your current lifestyle or perhaps spend more than you are currently? Where are all of your current holdings and what will the tax consequences be when you begin to make withdrawals? Do you think you will be in a higher or a lower tax bracket when you retire? The time to begin this thinking process is now.

What do you want to do when you retire? Do you want to travel? What will be the monthly expenses of the lifestyle you desire? Are you uncertain of how much money you will have on hand when you want to retire? Do you want to leave a legacy for your family? Planning for your retirement is a multi step process that requires you to really get to know yourself and what type of investor you are. In a world of overwhelming strategies and investment options, CMC Financial Group will collaborate with you to help navigate the course to achieving your financial dreams.