Finding Life Insurance in Tampa

life insurance tampaCMC Financial Group is here to help you prepare for the unexpected by preserving your assets and taking care of your loved ones. Life insurance and financial planning isn’t just for the wealthy individual. Life insurance and financial planning includes college tuition planning, life changes planning (such as disability insurance), special needs planning, as well as retirement and future financial goals and budgets. There is no “one size fits all” protection plan – let’s work together to determine the plan that works best for your needs, your future goals and your budget.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life is the simplest type of life insurance you can buy and provides guaranteed death benefit protection for a level premium for an allocated number of years. It can be converted to a permanent policy, even if health deterioration occurs. It does not offer cash accumulation, a savings component or loan features. Basic level term policies offer bottom line pricing with a limited conversion option. If you never intend to purchase a permanent plan, this option may be the one for you.

Whole Life Insurance

life insurance tampaWhole Life Insurance builds cash value while providing a guaranteed death benefit to protect your family. Premiums are guaranteed to never increase, but may be reduced or eliminated, and dividends are offered which may increase the cash value of your policy. There are several product options within the Whole Life Insurance category.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance is more flexible because it can be customized for your individual needs. It may guarantee a death benefit for your family’s security, and allows you to determine the amount of your premiums and when you will pay them, depending on the determined cash value. Cash accumulates tax-deferred and is accessible on a tax-preferred basis, generally leaving the death benefit income tax free upon your death (under current tax law). You are allowed to change the amount of your death benefit as your needs change. The cash value may be accessed for any purchase (college tuition, a down payment on a home, etc.). There are different product options to suit your needs within this category as well. Variable Universal Life Insurance offers all of these same advantages but accumulates cash value through a broad array of investment portfolios.

life insurance tampa

Disability Income Insurance

What if you became sick or disabled and were unable to work? Would your family have the resources they need to maintain their same lifestyle? We can help! Whether you are seeking coverage as an individual or as a small business owner, there are several product options available.

Long Term Care Insurance

All individuals should sign up for the appropriate Medicare packages as soon as they are eligible (Part A, B or D) in order to obtain the best monthly rates (No, Medicare is NOT free!). And while Medicare covers many expenses, it only partially covers long term care. Since people are living longer than ever before, many are afraid of outliving their money. Advance planning can take the emotional stress out of this for your family. The best time to obtain long term care insurance is when you are relatively young and healthy and before an illness occurs which may prevent you from obtaining coverage at all! If you think you can’t afford long term care coverage, consider the alternative. We can help you by finding affordable options.

Retirement Planning

Are you changing jobs or leaving your current employer and wondering what to do with your current IRA or 401k? Or are you ready to permanently retire? When should you begin to withdraw money from your 401k plan, and at what rate per year? How can you minimize taxes?  In a world of overwhelming strategies and investment options, CMC Financial Group will collaborate with you to help navigate the course to achieving your financial dreams.