Special Needs Planning

special needs planning“Special needs” planning encompasses many different scenarios: it can be an adult that develops a “special needs” circumstance in their adult years, a child born with special needs, an elderly person who is physically or mentally no longer independent, and more. For this family, this is often a long-term, permanent circumstance. CMC Financial Group specializes in helping special needs families develop a game plan whereby all of their wants and wishes for their loved one are addressed. A needs analysis is conducted to look at what provisions are currently in place, both legally and for care, as well as what will be necessary to take care of the day-to-day situation. All beneficiaries on current accounts and all possible assets are reviewed in order to make sure that any government benefits will not be placed into jeopardy. CMC Financial Group will review with you many essential areas of concern, such as will distribution, powers of attorney, special needs trusts and letters of intent.

CMC Financial Group can educate the special needs family on how life insurance can give them the freedom to use their existing assets in retirement and still be able to fund the planning for their loved one with special needs. This is the best asset available for the loved one’s circumstances and is literally pennies on the dollar. Life insurance is universally recognized as the single best asset to fund a special needs trust due to availability of cash when it is needed the most. CMC Financial Group maintains long-term relationships with professionals who are dedicated and focused on special needs planning, such as financial advisors, elder law attorneys and tax specialists.

If your family falls into the special needs spectrum, call us today and gain peace of mind.